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Huggable soothing companion.
Designed by Ostrichpillow in Spain
Available  November 15, 2020.


Heatbag is much more than a heating bag.
Warm it up and it will become the 
perfect warm companion
while lounging on the couch or while sleeping tight with warm feet.
Freeze it and it will become a safe pain relief.



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Softness and warmth to relax and relieve the pressures of modern life.

Natural and right on the spot.
It is made out of a double-layered recycled foam that 
focuses the heat release to the spot you need.
We created two clearly identified sides: the one towards your body has a thin layer enough to prevent you from being burned by heat or cold, the external face is insulated with a double layer, preventing temperature loss, and with it, a warm experience much more durable, efficient, and natural, as it is released during a longer period of time.

The science behind.
The heating therapy will reduce stress and tension throughout the body, creating a natural comfort and relief state. It also stimulates the sensory nerves which causes the feeling of heat in the brain.
Heat increases the blood circulation on a specific area or your body, keeping the muscles functioning properly and providing them with more oxygen and nutrients.

Eco-friendly. Inside and out.
Made with a natural clay core, Heatbag can be use again and again. No water needed, so no water wasted. The secret of the soft cover is a double layered recycled foam that keeps you warm and the planet safe.

Easy, clean and safe to use.
Avoid injuries and burns from hot water, failure of rubber or electrically-heated devices. Simply microwave it or boil it for hot effect, or freeze it for cold. Zip it and enjoy it. Any stain? No problem, the cover is machine washable to have it always ready.
Microwave. Boil. Freeze Heatbag 2020.

Wrapped in style.
Heatbag is also wrapped in style. With an elegant and minimal packaging, this product will become the perfect Self-Care gift (for yourself or anyone you can think of).
100% recycled paper, all our packagings deserve another chance. 100% recyclable or, better yet, 200% reusable.