A store, a gallery, a hive of ideas. Ruaconfettora is all of these, and more.  Ruaconfettora is also a design shop.
Today, this space – which, until a few years ago, housed an artisan furniture restoration workshop – is dedicated to international design.

The rediscovery of handwork and the artisan trade are some of the aspects of  contemporary design that the gallery spotlights through its personal exhibitions, with a special eye to young Italian designers
Alice Visin, Massimiliano Adami, Francesca Pasquali, Antonio Cos, Cristina Celestino, Ugo La Pietra, Studiocharlie are among those who have exhibited their work here.

Each object reflects a personal taste of Daniela Bettoni and is selected from an ample range covering both handmade and limited edition products, as well as the most established brand names and production-line items.
The store offers furnishing accessories, experimental jewellery and a section dedicated to books and magazines on design, photography, graphics, architecture, art and cookery to promote all aspects of the culture behind the project, creativity and research into international design.
The unusual display of objects heaped together at random, causes short circuits, novel combinations and new meanings.




Corso Palestro, 48                                       
25122 Brescia – Italy                                     
tel. +39.3313233160                            


opening times during the Covid-19 Emergency:
Reopening from May 19th


Mon by appointment (T. +39.331.3233160)
Tues 10h to14h / 15h to 19h
Wed 11h to 18h
Thu 10h to 14h / 15h to 19h
Fri  11h to 18h
Sat  10h to14h / 15h to 19h